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Monday, June 6, 2016

New Blog Is Up!!

Hey guys & gals! Follow me on the blog at:

Or just type in and you'll find me. See you for new season on the new blog!!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thank you :)

And so another season comes to an end. We laughed..we cried..we mostly stopped watching the feeds around week 8. lol ;) It's been a weird rollercoaster of a season for all of us. Sometimes it was interesting, many times it was not. But we all got through the season with minimal battle wounds to show for it.

Just like every year, I want to thank each & every one of you guys and gals that have signed up through the feeds through me, those of you who donated to support the blog, and those of you that shared the blog with friends and family. It is *only* with your support that I was able to be here all summer and every Big Brother season. I couldn't do it without y'all. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

So now it's time that I get back to my normal life, get back to focusing on non-BB stuff, get out and enjoy the sun before Winter hits in a couple months, and hold my fluffy fur daughter while binge watching Netflix this Fall. Speaking of, Miss Bella is doing just fabulous!! She still acts like a puppy, except that now she takes a few more naps during the day. ;) I've had her for 7 wonderful years (since BB10) and I can't imagine my life or blogging summers without her beside me snoring, or (my favorite) throwing her tennis ball on my laptop as I blog the Overnighters. Here's a pic of Miss Bella & I from last week when I took her on a nice long walk on a trail.

We hope y'all have a GREAT year until next June when the blog will be ready for BB18! Until we see you all again next season...
Jamie & Miss Bella

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BB17 Live Finale

It's here!! It's here!! The BB17 finale is finally here!! :D This fantastic craptastic season is coming to a glorious end tonight, PRAISE THE BB GODS!!! lol Can y'all tell I'm excited to get this season done with? ;) haha

At 10am BBT this morning, the live feeds switched off & won't be back on until BB18 next summer.  (You will, however, be able to watch the backyard interviews post-finale tonight if you have the feeds still.) The final 3 have their bags packed and are getting ready for tonight's show that starts at 9:30pm EST. The finale is 90 mins long, so make sure you have your snackies ready!

I'll be here live blogging tonight for those of you who won't be able to see the show, or are skipping it all together and just want the highlights/spoilers later on.

I'll be making my seasonal "Thank You!" post after the finale is ended, so stick around for that & for a new pic of my dog (Miss Bella!!) and I! :D She just turned 7 yrs old, I got her right after BB10 was over. Wow, how time flies.

Okie dokie, I'll be back at 9:30pm EST to start live blogging tonight's spoilers!

9:30pm EST:
Finale begins...

Dr. Will asked the jury questions like he did last year too.

10:02pm EST:
Final HOH Part 3 begins! It's Vanessa VS Steve

The Winner of Part 3 Final HOH is:

Steve Evicted:

The Final 2: Steve and Liz
Next up, Jury Questions.

10:36pm EST:
Time for the voting! Jury members are making their choices.

10:49pm EST:
Pre-jury just asked the jury questions. Jason called Vanessa out on never owning up to her own game moves and that she only cried all the time. Vanessa said it's true and was a good sport about it.

Vanessa voted for LIZ
J-Mac voted for STEVE
Austin voted for LIZ
Julia voted for LIZ
James voted for STEVE
Meg voted for STEVE
Becky voted for STEVE
Jackie voted for STEVE
Shelly voted for STEVE
Winner of BB17 is:

America's Favorite Player is:
JAMES (yayyyy!!!!)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pre-Finale Check In

Helllooooo, BB addicts!! I took the past 2 days off because there's is just simply nothing to report. The final 3 of Vanessa/Steve/Liz have been taking a ton of naps, playing cards, and just roaming around the house. The only thing worth mentioning is that Steve has been practicing his speech for if he wins Part 3 Final HOH tomorrow and will evict Vanessa so he can take Liz to Final 2. 

Tomorrow's BB17 Finale begins at 9:30pm EST and is 90 mins long as usual. Yesterday, all 3 houseguests got their luggage so they can pack up all their stuff and move out of the house tomorrow. The past 3 months of gaming, scheming, backstabbing (you remember that one time, right? lol) will be over soon, and I couldn't be happier to see this loooooooooong season come to an end!

Okie dokie, I'll be back here tomorrow night with a new shiny post for the finale yayyy!! :D See y'all then!!!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Winner of Part 2 Final HOH is

Yesterday, Steve and Liz competed in the Part 2 (of 3) Final HOH. And without further delay...

Winner of Part 2 Final HOH is:

So now Steve and Vanessa will battle it on in Part 3 (questions comp) and the winner will get to choose which houseguest to take with them to Final 2, while evicting the 3rd party. Steve mentioned to Vanessa last night that they should tell Liz that no matter what, Steve/Vanessa are taking each other to Final 2.(*Not true.) Steve compared it to when Derrick/Cody told Victoria last season. Vanessa was against it though, since she has Final 2 deals with them both. But as we know, Steve doesn't want to take Vanessa to the end because he knows she'd win against him. Vanessa on the other hand, I have no clue where her heads at. It'd be smart for either of them to take Liz to the end, but this season has been so backwards, I wouldn't be surprised if Julie Chen ended up in F2 somehow.

Okie dokie, that's it for this update! Tomorrow night (Sunday), we will have a BB episode and then Wednesday is finale night! Yayy we're almost at the finish line, guys!

Stay tuned...
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